Where can I register domains?

You can register domains in the menu Domain of the customer interface. In the course of the domain registration, you are automatically registered as Admin-C. The same goes for name server registrations, which refer to your server. In you customer interface you can conduct respective change provider applications. A fax form is generated automatically in this interface, which you can download, fill in and fax or send by mail. That way, you are spared some work, because you don’t have to prepare a fax yourself.

Where can I make registrations in the name server?

When you order a domain in the menu Domain of your customer interface, your ordered domain will be registered automatically in our name servers.

How can I have my server rebooted?

You can have your server rebooted any time free of charge and fully automatic, 24 hours a day on seven days a week. A respective form can be found in your customer interface.

How do I manage my server?

Our servers are either based on Linux or Windows. Various utilities (daemons) are run on the servers. You have three options for your system administration:
[1] SSH/Telnet: You have full access to your server, that is, you have 100 percent control of every software on the server. Of course, you can install and use further software anytime!
[2] Plesk: Plesk has been developed especially for the needs of professional hosting service providers and IT professionals. According to the manufacturer, it offers the most comprehensive range of features as compared to competitors. Plesk is available for Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and Windows.
[3] cPanel: cPanel is a web-based graphical Control Panel with a wide range of features for quick and easy management of your websites and hosting accounts (available at extra cost for CentOS 6).

Do I get full root access?

You get full root access for your server and can do with it what you like without any limitations (as long as it’s not against the law).

How can I reach your Support in case of any problems?

Every day between 7 a.m. and midnight, our basic support hotline is available for free. Here, our experienced staff will record you request in a ticket and hand it over to the Second Level Support. The latter will contact you then shortly by e-mail and give you assistance for your problem.
Moreover, you can contact our Second Level Support directly with an e-mail ticket. If you have selected PlatinumSupport, you can make use of a free phone hotline, which connects you directly with our experienced system adiministrators. Please do not call our sales team, because they can not give you assistance.

What happens in case of a server failure?

If your server is no longer available after a reboot, you can contact our technicians by e-mail ticket or phone.

What happens in case of a hardware failure?

If you have detected a hardware failure of your server, please contact our Support over the basic hotline or by support ticket. Our team will attend to it then, to get your server back online as soon as possible.

Can I order a reinstallation of the server?

This is no problem. In many cases it makes more sense to restore the server completely instead of wasting much time for searching for problems. If you wish a reinstallation of your server, you can order it in your customer interface. A restore is free for all server packages.

What may I install on my server?

Everything. Without exception! You have full root access on your server and thus may install everything, as long as it is not against the law.

Who is responsible for the server security?

You are solely responsible. Unfortunately, we can take over no responsibility for current and future security leaks.

How can I view the used traffic?

You can see anytime in the menu Traffic of your customer interface how much traffic has been used.

How may I understand the traffic flat rate. Can I really use unlimited traffic?

Yes, with your Dedicated Server you can use an unlimited amount of traffic without further cost. Please note, however, that we can guarantee no connection bandwidth and reserve the right to limit the bandwidth in singular cases.

Can I order more IPs?

You can order up to three additional IP addresses through your customer interface. Each of them costs 1.5 Eur/month.

What are the payment conditions?

We accept the following payment methods: Credit card, PayPal (with debit order).