What are the costs for further domains with vServer?

You can order as many domains for your vServer as you like.
The minimum contract term for domains is 12 months; the charges are due for 12 months in advance according to the annual fee. Since every vServer has a static IP, you can also order domains with every other registrar.The prices are as follows:

How can I conduct name server registrations?

A name server entry is automatically conducted for every domain that is registered by us for our customers. However, OneHost offers no further name server services, but you can make use of free services like http://www.granitecanyon.com.

How can I have my vServer rebooted?

You can reboot your vServer 24/7 without charge in your customer interface. Just click one button, and your vServer will be rebooted within seconds.

Will I get full root access for my vServer?

You will get full root access on your vServer and can carry out installations and system enhancements as desired. The only thing you cannot do is recompile the kernel.

How can I reach the Support in case of problems with my server?

Should you have any problems with your server, our Support will be ready to assist you by phone or the e-mail ticket system. The Support’s phone number can be found at the contact page.

What happens in case of a breakdown of my vServer?

If your vServer is not available anymore after a reboot, you can inform our technicians by e-mail or phone. We will bring your server back to life as soon as possible.

Can I order a reinstallation of the vServer?

This is no problem. In many cases it makes more sense and it’s cheaper to restore the server completely than to research for the cause for a long time. If you should want a restore of your vServer, you can order it in your customer interface. A reinstallation is free of charge and will be conducted within a few minutes after the order was placed.

What am I allowed to install on my vServer?

Everything. Without exception! You have full root access on your server and thus may install everything, as long as it is not against the law.

Who is responsible for the vServer's security?

You are solely responsible. Unfortunately, we can take over no responsibility for current and future security leaks.

How can I view the used traffic of my vServer?

You can see anytime in the menu Traffic of your customer interface how much traffic has been used, so that you can always keep an eye on the costs.

Can I get further IPs for my vServer?

For all vServer offers you can order up to three additional IPs in your OneHhost PowerPanel.

I forgot my password. How do I get a new password for the vServer customer interface?

After you have tried to login three times with wrong data, an interface will appear, which will help you to order your new access data.

Can another user cause a crash of my vServer?

No, this is not possible. Every vServer is run in a particular Sandbox environment and can not influence the vServers of other users or cause them to crash.

Can I rent further disk space for my vServer?

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Can I setup a game server on my vServer?

This is generally possible. However, we can give you no guarantee that the software runs faultlessly. Applications that cause a high basic load during the whole execution and use many resources (like game servers) can be run on a vServer, but do not perform in an optimal way. A dedicated OneHost may be the better choice here.

Is Java already installed?

Due to legal licensing reasons, it is not possible for us to preinstall Java. The company SUN demands the end users license agreement. Since you are the end user being the server administrator, however, you have the possibility to install Java yourself.

What is the minimum contract term of my vServer?

All new vServer offers currently have a contract term of 1, 12 or 24 months. With 12 or 24 months, you have to cancel at least three months before the term ends, because otherwise it will be prolonged automatically for another 12 months. Monthly contracts can be cancelled any time to the end of the month.

How do I pay for my vServer?

You can choose between credit card, PayPal (with debit order), and direct debit payment (only possible with German bank account). You are billed in monthly intervals for monthly contracts, and 12 months in advance for 12- or 24-month contracts.