Server Management with PowerFeatures

Server Statistics Server Statistics


PowerStats offers a comfortable graphic and numeric overview of your server’s data transfer at a glance. All data can be viewed and analyzed anytime on a daily basis.


Full overview of all server requests and the connected data transfer. With the comfortable web interface, you have access to a complete graphic comfort evaluation of the generated data transfer anytime, which can be further broken down to single IP addresses and intervals from 24 hours up to a month.

Restart Restart


PowerReboot allows a restart of your server within 15 minutes. If the software reboot should be unsuccessful, an immediate hard reboot is possible.


With PremiumReboot you can restart your server anytime, fully automatic, for free and within just a few seconds. In doing so, you may choose each time if you would like a soft or hard reboot. After a restart, our system checks automatically if your server is available again, thus taking care that everything works again as soon as possible.

Reinstallation Reinstallation

If you want to restore the default settings of your server, you can order a reinstallation in the customer interface. The originally chosen OS will be installed.


With PremiumRestore you can order a reinstallation in your customer interface, which will be conducted without delay. You have a free choice between the available operating systems.

Recovery Recovery


PowerRecovery enables you to start the recovery system within two hours and fix potential problems with your server’s software configuration single handed.


With PremiumRecovery you can always make use of the recovery system without delay in order to detect possible problems immediately.

Update Update


In the OneHost network, there is a file server available, which offers free downloadable updates and add-ons for your system installation.

Backup Backup


Make use of up to 2 GB FTP backup space and copy your most important data anytime free of charge onto a separate backup server. And, of course, you will not be charged for the data transfer between your server and the backup server.


With PremiumBackup you even get 500 GB disk space on our FTP servers, so that you can secure a large amount of the data you have on your server.

Reverse Entries Reverse Entries


Many mail servers only accept incoming e-mails when the sender’s IP address has a reverse DNS entry. With PremiumReverse you can determine the reverse entry for each IP address.

Support Support


The fair support rate for all customers – without expensive telephone charges: contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days per week free of charge via e-mail ticket and our PremiumSupport hotline for only 9 Cent per minute (landline inside Germany). Talk directly to our experienced second level support engineers.


The package for very demanding customers: free support 24/7 by phone and ticket system. Our capable support engineers are at your disposal 7 days a week completely free of charge by browser and telephone hotline (landline inside Germany). Moreover, there are up to two work units per month of 15 minutes each included in the PlatinumSupport package (worth €78)!















Please note: The feature will be booked for the complete outstanding term remaining on the contract term and will be billed to the same billing cycle as the main contract. In the case of monthly contracts the feature can be canceled independently with effect from the end of the current billing cycle.