The powerful OneHost PowerFeatures let you profit from many handy tools without any additional cost. They make the daily work with your server even easier, faster and safer.

PowerPanel PowerPanel
An easy-to-use and powerful control panel that makes site administration as easy as point-and-click.
PowerRestore PowerRestore
With PowerRestore you may restore the delivery status of your vServer in the shortest time, install one of your snapshots, or choose one of our supported operating systems.
PowerBackup PowerBackup
With PowerBackup you can secure the data on your server with one click. For additional data security you can also setup automatic backups.
PremiumReverse PremiumReverse
Many mail servers only accept incoming e-mails when the sender’s IP address has a reverse DNS entry. With PremiumReverse you can determine the reverse entry for each IP address.
PowerPerformance PowerPerformance
Although we setup several vServers on one physical server, each of the vServers can use the server’s available free capacity at any time. Since most server applications do not constantly need that much performance, you can often use remarkably more resources than your calculated share of the server capacity.
PowerReboot PowerReboot
In our customer interface you can order a reboot of your vServer anytime. If this should not achieve the desired results, however, you can make use of our PowerRestore.
PowerSnapshot PowerSnapshot
Create up to three snapshots of your vServer and save all the settings you already made. You can use these snapshots to restore your server’s current status, or to transfer all settings to your other vServers..
PowerRecovery PowerRecovery
Your last software installation went wrong? With PowerRecovery you can still access your server and repair it in safe mode.
PowerStatus PowerStatus
Always informed: with PowerStatus you can always have a look at the status of your server and the host system.
PowerUpgrade PowerUpgrade
Quickly and easily: you can upgrade to another vServer product immediately.
PowerFirewall PowerFirewall
We focus on security. That is why we install a firewall for every vServer, which you can manage conveniently over the web interface.